Redbridge Council wins at the Smarter Working Live 2021 Awards

Monday 29 November 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Redbridge has won the ‘Best of Creativity’ Award at the Smarter Working Live 2021 for its work with automating the process of landlord license applications.

The judges were impressed at the way we turned to a digital solution to help us make our communities stronger, our residents safer and improve staff wellbeing.

At Redbridge, we want to provide the best opportunities for people to have a safer home and accommodation that meets their needs. Over the past year or so, the demand for landlord license applications had increased. If you wanted to apply for the licence the process forecasted up in excess of six months to complete. This made it difficult to take forward our ambition for safer homes and presented high pressure for the team.

Finding a solution was a priority and this is where automation came in. Automating the process enabled us to protect the accommodation standards for our tenants in the borough as well as allowed the team to focus on what our residents and landlords want.

Redbridge is embracing new technology, doing things differently and ensuring that digital is about people.