Digital and Customer Experience Strategy

A digitally resilient borough focused on providing excellent customer experiences

Read the Digital and Customer Experience Strategy (PDF 3.63MB)

Our Digital and Customer Experience Strategy sets out our digital vision and the four priorities through which we will achieve this.

  • Embrace digital to improve the customer experience
  • Increase opportunities from collaboration and open data
  • Focus on inclusion, digital poverty and resilience
  • Develop the infrastructure and connectivity needed to support our ambition

About our vision

Internet and digital technologies have transformed and revolutionised the way we live from the way we use our homes, the way we work, bank, shop, access health care and how we socialise.

Customers want the convenience that technology brings with a personalised, easy to use service. We want to create more meaningful connections to better understand how best to serve our residents’ changing needs and to shape new resident behaviours.

Even services that require some form of human interaction, like social care, can be enhanced by technology and can often help people to live independently for longer or for families to better support their loved ones.

Delivering services

Covid 19 has been the catalyst of digital change for both us as a council and for our residents and businesses. Digital has become the new norm and as such as a council we need to rethink how we “do business” delivering services in a digital world.

Like other local authorities, Redbridge is facing greater demand for services while receiving significantly less funding from central government. We need to use technology to improve the way we and our partners work and become even more efficient, making every pound count.

What digital means?

Going digital means different things to different people and the definition is constantly evolving. We think of digital primarily as a mindset and way of doing things. We want to use digital capabilities to: 

  • Make our core digital solutions robust and secure
  • Unlock our data to be proactive and reactive to needs
  • Create excellent customer experiences

We will use technology to improve our customers' experience so we get services right first time. By streamlining our services and incorporating digital tools, our customers will be able to contact us through digital interactions.