New Digital and Customer Experience Strategy launched

Tuesday 6 April 2021

We want to announce an exciting new Digital and Customer Experience Strategy that will see Redbridge using technology to improve services and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Internet and digital technology has changed the way we live, work, bank, shop, access health care and how we socialise. These last months through Covid 19 have forced every person, every organisation to think and work differently.

As a council, it has highlighted how we could make further improvements, develop better opportunities to communicate and have those conversations digitally, but without losing sight of our residents and the experiences they expect from us. That’s why we have developed this exciting new strategy.

Our strategy aims to create a borough that is better connected through technology. One which makes services easier to access, looking at new, innovative ways to drive improvements based on what our residents tell us and ensuring everyone benefits from digital opportunities.

What we are changing goes beyond new digital technologies - it’s about people and shaping Redbridge for the future.

Read more about our digital and customer experience vision.