In-cab digital technology improves waste collection services

Monday 7 February 2022

Redbridge Council has introduced new technology to help improve its waste and recycling service for residents

A new digital technology waste management solution called Whitespace has been implemented to support Waste and Street Teams manage, schedule, and respond to resident requests in ‘real-time’ using in-cab technology. The system allows crews to record real time information via digital devices within collection vehicles.

With this new technology, we have been able to significantly improve access to the service for our residents, allowing them to report a missed collection online as soon as the crew have been on their street. Residents can book a bulky item for collection online for free, choosing a collection time slot and paying for any additional collections if needed and order replacement bins. Also, the system gives residents the ability to upload images and video clips online when reporting ad-hoc jobs such as the removal of fly-tipping, graffiti, and full litter bins, additionally allowing our Enforcements Teams to further track and respond to illegal activity.

As a result, we have a responsive and efficient service focusing on our users in real-time, which in turn reduces complaints and additional burden on support services like the Customer Service Team. When residents have a query, the information is more readily available, with improved response times. Working relationships and synergy between Enforcement and other teams within the Council, colleagues and crew members has greatly improved as teams, residents and employees can report performance in real time.

The project has delivered benefits to the Council including reducing labour intensive administrative tasks for the team and route optimisation reducing fuel costs as in-service collection vehicles are re-routed to collect missed bins. As well as this, efficiencies have been driven through service improvements and the automation of processes.