Infrastructure and connectivity

We need to develop digital infrastructure, including ultrafast internet and mobile network connectivity, that is able to support our residents, businesses and community.

Our journey so far

Where we want to be? 

  • Include digital infrastructure planning in our internal processes as well as borough infrastructure developments to create opportunity for innovation and growth
  • Facilitate access to ultra-fast broadband and WiFi across the borough
  • Enable residents and businesses to tell the council about poor broadband speeds and mobile coverage. We will then liaise with suppliers to encourage them to provide fast reliable connections for all
  • Provide free WiFi in all council buildings
  • Deliver more efficient services with automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and for our residents and businesses to drive growth and innovation with 5G capabilities
  • The ability for citizens to transact with us when and where they choose and connect over whichever platforms suits them
  • Work with partners to create a connected community with faster broadband, WiFi, mobile coverage and shared infrastructure
  • Close working with our partners, businesses and residents to understand local needs and challenges and to help us develop innovative solutions
  • Simplify and streamline processes, reduce bureaucracy and innovatively apply technology
  • Create connected communities who can share their experience and skills to create and deliver local change