Digital Inclusion

We want to create services and experiences that can be used by everyone, equally. Digital inclusion isn’t just about accessibility, it’s about making our services equal to everyone that lives in Redbridge. People need to have the skills and access to benefit from digital technologies to make their lives easier and have the infrastructure in place.

Our journey so far

Where we want to be?

  • Commit to cultivating a digital culture, where everyone at all levels of the organisation feel empowered and motivated
  • Exploit the opportunities offered by assistive and new technologies to support residents to remain healthy, safe and independent
  • Support our residents who want to use digital technologies but need help and support to be confident and safe when transacting with us
  • Work with our partners to increase capacity within the community to share learning in new technologies so most users choose to use digital services and the vast majority of interactions between residents and the council take the form of online self-service
  • Work with local voluntary and community sector organisations to support their digital development and their work with vulnerable
  • Use our face to face contact points to support residents to adopt digital platforms
  • Staff have the skills and knowledge to support our customers to be digitally confident
  • Develop a more flexible and skilled workforce to integrate services across functional and geographical boundaries and save money