Get online

Whether you're a complete novice and want to start with the basics, can do a little but want to know more, or just need advice we're here to support you.

Help someone you know get online

If you're helping a member of your community get online, some top tips to remember:

  • Make it relevant - Show them how the internet can relate to something they are interested in. If people can see the benefits of getting online, they will be more likely to make an effort.
  • Take things at a slow pace - Check out step by step online guides such as Citizen Online or Digital Unite
  • Use descriptive language when explaining things - For example, try to describe where a learner needs to click on a screen and avoid using technical jargon
  • Let them have a go - For example, after going through the basics of making a video call why not try making and receiving calls
  • Be patient - The biggest barrier to learning digital skills is confidence. Reassure them that making mistakes is ok and it’s how we all learn

Your local library

There is free access to computers and WiFi in Redbridge Libraries - find your nearest library and view opening times.

The library computers offer internet access and use of Microsoft Office and Libre Office. Scanning is free and there is a small charge for printing. You will need a library card to use the computers. 

You can also enjoy free wireless internet access at all libraries (except Aldersbrook and Clayhall libraries). You can log on from anywhere in the library on your own laptop or mobile device after you have registered for an account.

Broadband and mobile availability 

You can use the Ofcom checker to see the broadband and mobile services that are available at your location. 

Wiman Check Free Public WiFi hotspots give you details of how many wireless hotspots you can connect to. 

Help to connect to WiFi at home

Digital Unite has a guide on how to connect to WiFi and the internet at home.