Third sprint for the Digital Housing Needs project

Miranda Man , Friday 8 July 2022

Our third sprint for the housing needs project has come around quickly. We have been planning for web content, user research, devising an in-house workshop and working on Theories of Change for the Rough Sleeper Pathway and Accessing Temporary Accommodation alpha projects.

This is what we worked on in sprint three:

First Contact

  • Promoted our online housing contact form. We posted on social media, linked to a news story on our website home page and shared in the residents’ e-Newsletter
  • Conducted our first external research interview with a service user and gained an insight into they experience. This was a social housing tenant who was on the Council housing register for 16 years

Web Content

  • Web content research planning for external service users (Council tenants, temporary accommodation tenants and Council leaseholders)
  • Designed a poster advertising for user research volunteers
  • Created a volunteer sign-up e-Form
  • Created a deliverables plan

Rough Sleeper Pathway

  • Created some 'how might we’s' to feed into our Theory of Change. How might we inform rough sleepers, where can they go for help, about their options, the opportunities they have to improve their situation and how might we best collect and use data from partnership agencies
  • Started the deep dive into commissioning teams and partner roles and responsibilities

Accessing Temporary Accommodation

  • Completed internal user research and process mapping for accessing temporary accommodation with housing management/housing needs
  • Started fortnightly meetings with the Communities Team to better link the digital programme and the Building Solid Foundations (BSF) project and the source of temporary accommodation
  • Created some “how might we’s” to feed into our Theory of Change. How might we improve the way we allocate properties, ensure we’re adhering to our policies when new properties come on board and ensure our policies are both correct and robust

Next sprint 

In the next sprint, we plan to work on:

  • Distributing the posters and advertising for participants to help with our web user research
  • Mapping out the ‘as is’ content journey for the homelessness and rough sleeper webpage
  • Starting to define the top level housing needs
  • Creating an initial content plan to target gateway user journeys, with a focus on the housing options stages of the journey
  • Further developing the Theories of Change
  • Following up on partner data for rough sleepers
  • Starting discussions around earmarked properties for rough sleepers
  • Running an in-house workshop at Lynton House on the Redbridge temporary accommodation process

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The next Digital Housing Needs Show and Tell is planned for Monday 18 July 2022.

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