Digital Housing Needs project sprint seven

Miranda Man, Tuesday 6 September 2022

We were busy in the final sprint of summer holiday season! We worked on establishing the web content design process, looked into improving digital access for our temporary accommodation residents and analysed the insights from our first few user interviews. As part of the wider digital housing remit, we gained insights from housing queries from our frontline customer channels. We also ran an initial content audit on the council tenant and leaseholder web pages. 

Here’s what we worked on in sprint 7: 

First Contact and Web Content Design 

User research

  • Transcribed the user research interviews with residents in temporary accommodation  
  • Considered the planning and logistics of running face to face user research interviews at the hostels 
  • Gained insights from our frontline customer service channels (social media, customer enquiries and complaints) to build up a picture of the housing issues our service users feel strongly about 

Web content

  • Established a GDS content design process for the Housing Needs Alpha 
  • Reviewed the current homelessness and rough sleepers web content 
  • Identified that we needed four pages to meet the user needs and acceptance criteria: support for rough sleepers, homelessness/risk of homelessness support, support if you’re facing eviction, Redbridge homelessness strategy 
  • Wrote the first drafts and passed on to the Content Consultant for the initial 2i or peer review 
  • Completed an initial audit on the Council tenant and leaseholder web pages 

Access to digital

  • A training provider has gifted 20 reconditioned computers which we plan to give to the Redbridge Foyer for residents in Redbridge hostels to use  
  • We started to research the support for licences and access to software 

Rough Sleeper Pathway 

  • Rough Sleepers service redesign scoping 
  • Reviewed 'Developing Support for Single Homeless: 20 January 2022’ 
  • Gained permission to share the  protocol with partners in relation to web content 

Next sprint 

Our planned activities for the next sprint include: 

User research 

  • Securing face to face interviews with residents at hostels  
  • Meeting Housing Resident Engagement Officer to discuss combining research efforts 
  • Continue with collating frontline service queries 

Web content 

  • Progressing Duty to Refer content and the Homelessness and Rough Sleepers content 
  • Setting up a content user needs workshop 
  • Create the first draft of the content plan for Housing Needs 
  • Create the first draft of the content strategy for the Redbridge website 

Access to digital 

  • Discussions with the London Office of Technology and Innovation and Work Redbridge around support and software for the gifted laptops 

Rough Sleeper Pathway 

  • Rough Sleeper Protocol workshop  with Communities and Partners 
  • Finalise the Rough Sleeper Commissioning procurement paper 
  • Share redesigned web content with homelessness partners  

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